Show Me The Money.


Show Me The Money..!!

Now I’m goanna show you real quick how we earn money. And this is just an example, it could any number that you want. There is about 8 different ways to earn money with 4Life™. It’s not a customers and not a product seller, this is people that is interested in building your network, your chain of distribution.


How does it work.?

We use the example of 6 people that you bring on board. 6 people on your front line and everybody in a “Club 250”. We’ll give you a warping $30 for the entire month working with this 6 people.

This $30 is the best $30 that you’re earn in this company every single month. And you will appreciate it because this 6 people, you have to train them and you have to duplicate yourself. They goanna become your “mini me”. What’s happen when they become your “mini me”.? Can 1 person go and talk to 200 or 1,000 people, open up a country underneath you.? Off course they can, you don’t know how many people they goanna talk to.


But we’re goanna keep it real low so say this 6 people look for 6 each. Now you have 36 people on your 2nd level and everybody in “Club 250”, its $1,170 plus your $30. That’s an extra $1,200 a month. Can that help you.?

Do you know that this $1,200 a month is more than the average retiree today that have work 30 to 40 to 50 years, after they spend their whole life, they stop, they look back and they say “What did I do with my life..?”. That they’re still working.

How much does it take.? 36 plus 6 is how many people.? 42 people so your first goal in your business is to get 42 people to earn $1,200.


But does it stop there.?

No it doesn’t. 36 people looking for 6 each. Remember I told you in the beginning, the big business that we’re goanna taught you about is 500 people. Are we there yet.? No.. 216 plus 36 plus 6 is not 500. 216 people and everybody in “Club 250”, that’s $4,968 plus your $1,200 almost $7,000 a month. How many people near you earn $7,000 a month from their job or their business..?

Remember what Robert Kiyosaki said “500 is the goal”. And why is that.? Why did they teach this in the school.? Because look what happen when you go over 500 people.


You have now 216 people looking for 6 each, 1,296 people and everybody in “Club 250” is $21,384 plus your $7,000 almost $30,000 a month. You think they goanna teach this in school.? Well they are starting to teach about Network Marketing in colleges now because this is a real profession and it’s something that could give you….



It doesn’t matter who you are, where you from and what you level of education, the truth is…


And it’s


Above is the GENERATION BONUS that paid on the 2nd month of every transaction (paid on 20th).

You already know about “4 Simple Steps To Start A Business”. Now, Take a look at this :


1. Enroll

(7) Step 1 - 900 x 580

2. 100LP Maintenance

3. Sharing and Duplicate

(9) Step 3 - 900 x 580


(6) 3 Simple Steps - 1100 x 1100


You can do this in a long term or you can do this in short term to get to your goal. If you want to make it easy, what you have to do is just to look for 3 people and teach that 3 people to become your “mini me”. Guest what, your network will also can expend.

Minimum 3 people will qualified you to get Power Pool when they also maintain 100LP every month.

For your information, 4Life™ also pay your bonus if you only have 1 people

“It’s not a binary system…!!!


Other Interesting Bonuses that Help Your Business :

(5) Show Me The Money (7)- 900 x 580



You will gain 25% on your personal purchase over 100LP.

25% for every new enrollee to your network (front line), 2% for 2nd level, 5% for 3rd level, 12% for 4th level and so on.

Will be paid on the next day.

NEW BONUS Unleash.

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