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Today I just want to share of some information with you. Some information that I received a few years ago. Some information that could possibly change your life. So I going to show you about the situation nowadays.


The time are changing and I’m goanna ask you guys if you can agree with this that in the past the people that had the power in the money where the people that had the “Agriculture”. Which is the farms and the land – is this correct.? This is how we use to work years ago.? Yes.!

And than we moved into the Industrial Revolution, the “Industrial Age” and the people that can provide the jobs… What happen to them, they have the power in the money. Is this correct..?

So today we are in something that is call “Globalization Technology Knowledge”. Do we agree with this..? This is what the current..? Yes..!


The picture below is come from the book of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad). Who has heard of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” or read the book.? Have you guys ever read this book.? In this book, Robert Kiyosaki explain that we have 4 quadrants in life. I goanna break it down and explain to you real quickly.

This quadrants is divided by the left side and the right side. He said in order for us to have financial independent, we need to be at the right side of the quadrant. Let me explain, the 1st quadrant here is the “E” stands for Employee and you have the “S” for Self-Employed or specialists, doctors, lawyers, etc.

Than on the opposite side you have the “B” quadrant for the big Business Owner which is five hundred plus employees. Remember that number, five hundred (500). And then the “I” quadrant stands for the Investor.

Here in the 1st quadrant when we’re as an employee, what happen as an Employee.? Our life is control by somebody else, we are there for a steady pay check, your retirement take 30 to 40 years. Is this correct.? Yes.! And when we get tired of the boss, a lot of people were branch out and go become Self-Employed. And what happen here.? The income depend a 100% on us. If your business doesn’t produce you money and what happen.? Much of the time, we shut down and then we go back up to the an Employee that have the steady pay check. This is the way we spend our whole life, from the “E” to the “S” and the “S” to the “E”.

What Robert Kiyosaki said that is we need to learn to jump to the other side. The big Business Owner is the five hundred plus employees. The big Business Owner is where all the company started as Ford Motors, Toyota, Apple, etc, they all start mostly in the garage. Than they move up into “B” quadrant, become a big business.
What happen to your 4% of the population live on this side (right side of the quadrant).? And than the 1% is the Investor. I’m not talking about selling stock in the stock market. I’m talking about being a Warrant Buffett, living of investment, making money every single day, every single week. Now put in your money in 401K or other pension skim, and waiting to you’re 70 years old to cash it out, to find out there is nothing. Am I right..?

We need to learn to move to the right side of the quadrant. The information that I goanna give you today is in the “B” quadrant.

The information is about the opportunity of the XXI Century. Basically it’s build in the chain of distribution. That all it is – VERY SIMPLE.


Bright Flash Light

How does Traditional Marketing work.?

A product to a services made in the factory then it go to the wholesaler, warehouse to stores and the stores promote it and finally get to the consumer. That is how distribution work.

Was somebody thought about this over 75 years ago and said “The future is going to be different. It’s not going to work this way no more. It’s going to be this way, Network Marketing“. What is Network Marketing.? A product to a services made in the factory and goes directly to the consumer.
Is this happening today.?!
It’s been going on for years. Internet change the way of life, the way of doing business.


Here is an example that I tell people in traditional marketing back in traditional the marketing of water bottle. How much do you think it cost to make this water bottle, with the water all the way back to the factory.? Give me the prize. Is it 70 cents.? Or probably a dime.? Or a nickel.? Actually it’s 3 to 5 cents, water is free. Did you know that.! If I go to that gas station across the street, how much would I pay for a bottle of water.? Maybe a dollar or dollar fifty. And how much is it at your place.? Maybe 2 dollars. What about in the restaurant.? About 5 to 6 dollars. How about in a football game or Disney World.? 5 to 6 dollars.

The question is how many water bottles do you think are moved in the entire world everyday.? It’s huge amount of water bottles. That is called a DISTRIBUTION, is how many bottles of water can we get in the peoples hands.

Today, you know the Network Marketing which been around 77 years ago. Imagine somebody thought about this 77 years ago. Before the internet was even around, before a computer was even around. He said “This is going to be the future”. As an example, Amazon. “” is one of the biggest Internet Company and they don’t have local stores. And also you can buy books with “”. They closed their book store and you can still buy books on their website. So they are still work of the internet.

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The Benefits.


So what is the benefits of Network Marketing.? There is a lot of benefits. It’s a SMALL INVESTMENT, it’s a HIGH RETURN, and there is NO TERITORIAL LIMITS. It’s a global expansion and it can be anywhere in the world. But the biggest benefit is the INCOME that we earn.

What were taught is to go to school. I’m not saying the school is bad. School is great because we’re all need an education. But what did they teach us.? To go to school, get an education, graduate and go get a job. Work for your whole life for this job. What happen if you don’t work.? You will not get paid. How many people are unemployed today.? Millions, about 14 plus millions people unemployed.

Back to the Diagram, so what is the Linear Income.? Retirement takes 30 to 40 years. You can see whose stand at the Wall Mart door and say “Welcome to Wall Mart”.? It’s the same situation at the local supermarket, or at the gas station, cleaners at the “Rest & Restore”. They are ELDERLY. Aren’t they supposed to be retired and enjoying life.? So retirement is longer. We work 8 to 12 hours a day in the scheduled time makes our income become limited.

So what happen with Network Marketing.? You will receive something call “RESIDUAL INCOME”. Basically it’s a royalty, you do a job once well and you get paid for the rest of your life. How you can get Royalty.? If you are a singer, look at the example – Elvis Presley. I say this all the time, he died over 40 years ago and he earn is a steak, earn 50 million on 2014.

All of you are breathing and look healthy and how many of you have earn 50 million on 2014.? You see why, because he make records and every time they get copied and get sold, he earn an income. Michael Jackson died and the next day he paid of his death. Imagine that.! In the other way if you write a book and it’s become the number 1 in New York Sellers List and than what happen.? You get paid for the rest of your life.

And the 3rd way is through Network Marketing. So what happen here, Financial Independence can take anywhere to 2 to 5 years. You know what it is to COMPRESS your life in 2 to 5 years from 30 to 40 years and end up continue to work.? In Residual income, you Work 1 to 2 Hours a Day, Flexible Time, Unlimited Income and you take Control of Your Life.

Business Potential.


Look at the potential of the Industry. This was on the article “Wall Street Journal” in New York. It said 800,000 Distributors per month are signing in to Network Marketing. Can you imagine get 800,000 Distributors in one month in your business.? It’s POSSIBLE.! This is how many are getting on board every single month. $125 Billion in 150 countries is being move. 75 million Distributors around the world are in Network Marketing. Look at the title, they were on the new in the Wall Street Journal – Why Now Is Prime Time for Direct Selling. Direct Selling is the Network Marketing. So that is the potential of the Industry.

Experts said.


The experts has been talking about it, they have been writing books. They have talking about that the new economy, it’s the perfect business model for the future. All the book that you can look at up.


What company that can makes this POSSIBLE.?

We represent the company call “4Life™ Research”. The founders are David and Bianca Lisonbee. The CEO is Steve Tew. Our company is base in Utah and it was started in 1998. So it’s the 19 year old company and what excited about 4Life™ is the….



Company Registration.


That’s something very important when you deal with the Network Marketing Company.


So what may all the acknowledgments of 4Life™ have been is “Success From Home”, “Nexera – Empowering The Entrepreneur”, number 41st in the top 100 direct selling company list (number 27th in 2014) and it’s remarkable because 4Life™ is just a baby company but archive the rank. We also have been featured in Inc. 500 (they analyzed 20,000 US private companies).


Out of the 20,000 companies, they take out the top 500 and that’s why it’s called the “Inc. 500”. 4Life™ rank number 15 out of 20,000 companies mean that we are doing something good and we’re steadily growing. These are the phenomenal results that we have been getting.


This is all the international offices that we have and where we’re doing business in all the market around the world.

Price On Your Health.


Why is 4Life™ growing so much.? Would you put a price on your health.? Because nobody could put a price on their health. I don’t think anybody could put a price on their health. You put a price on your health.?! Go a head, what price is it.? It’s


4Life™ has phenomenal products, natural supplements.


Our products are STANDARDIZE, their GUARANTEE and the TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS. We have a Product Sheet that we can give you more information about the purity and everything about certification of the product. What excited about our products is we have over 110 products. We have products for Energy, Weight Loss products (meal replacement products), we also have Skin Care products, we have animals’ products, and we have antioxidants products.



We have the products to brush the teeth. What’s important about that is that our products doesn’t have Fluoride, they don’t have all those chemicals. We have even came out with the new products like shampoo, conditioner, the body wash and the essential oil with no silicon and no sulfate which is very important not need of this chemicals.

Our Flagship Product is the Transfer Factor™ and they are messenger molecules. Extracted from the cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk. What they do.? It’s not a vitamins, it’s not a minerals or herbs. This are just little molecules and they…


Click the button below to get more information because the TESTIMONIES are incredible. We have a woman who had a psoriasis really bad and the psoriasis is gone and she is now living a healthy life. We have so many testimonies from asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and the list goes on and on and on. Click the button below to get more information of what this products do.

More About The Products :


I’m excited about with this products below, this is something very important and I’m always tell everybody about one of our newest products is the Fat Burning Wey Protein Shake. Who doesn’t want to lose weight.? Or lose inches or transform their body.? That’s our new product, we already have the study that is it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s patent pending and all 4Life™ products are patent so that’s something very important for us because it is the SECURITY FOR DISTRIBUTORS.



That’s mean, nobody is going to be able to duplicate what we have. This is for us, this is for our security. But what I get excited about is that it was predicted that the…..

Get it Here :

Product name :
4Life Transfer Factor Pro-TF



$3.1 trillion dollars annually is coming. I goanna give you guys example of people in different profession that are getting involve in this industry mean while you and I are too busy working to pay our bills, coming home and relaxing watching television, falling to sleep (beside eating your dinner and all that), wake up the next day start your routine again day after day after day.


“We are not pay attention of what’s happening.”

Jennifer Lopez is a singer and actor. She brought out a protein shake about 2 years ago (in 2015) she got a vitamin lime. How about Donald Trump, he known for Golf Courses, Real Estate, Casinos, etc. He brought out a multi-vitamins 7 years ago (in 2010). Now who made the vitamins water.? 50 Cent, he is a rapper. Dan ‘n’ Yoger also involve in health products with probiotic. Did you here Pepsi Cola’s now get in to the milk industry.? They are all these different profession get into the Wellness Industry..!!

Why this is so current.? Do you think that they know that something that we don’t know.? Off course they do..!! They already been a research and they already been told that the Wellness Industry is going to exceed $3.1 trillion dollars in less than 5 years starting 2015. These people start to bring out their products prior to while we’re just sitting at home watching television, watching these commercial.



4Life™ as I mention, their products are patented. We have all this certification and most importantly, we’re in the “Physicians’ Desk Reference” which is the PDR. That‘s the book of the doctor have. Our products is in there because of the studies and something credible for the people in the medical profession, if they want to look up for information exactly what the products do. You can also look up the information on the “US”. That’s the Patent Trade Mark Office and you can see how they extract and how they put the product together.


How do we get start it.?!
It’s real simple. If you’re interested of getting start it,

Get your own e-commerce website when you enroll as Distributor (Leader4Life).


Customize your website and established your hosted link.


1st step is to go on your smartphone or your tablet or your computer and you sign-up with 4Life™ and you get an ID number. This ID number identify you and you can sign-up anybody in the world. You can start doing business anywhere in the world with one phone call you can start getting people. 


Enroll Now..!!

• Please send an inquiry to my email.

The 2nd step is to buy a business kit, starts from anywhere from $29.99 (RM590) to $535 (RM2,240). Contact me for an assistance of how much it is and what way you can get involved in this business because like I said, we started $30 (RM590) all the way to $535 (RM2,240) depend on your finances.



The 3rd step is to do your maintenance. The picture shows about “Club 250”. I goanna explain real simple and contact me for more assistance. But 4Life™ said that every month we have to do maintenance of a 100 Life Points (LP). That’s your maintenance in your business. All of our products, a 110 products are all base on point system.



If you are interested in a Transfer Factor™ Plus® for your immune system, that product alone is a 50 Life Points. If you’re interested in buy that wey protein to start losing weight and start transforming your body, that’s 50 points. So how many of those protein shake do you have to move a month.? Two (2) to make your 100LP minimum requirement.

But, we have this new “Club 250” and it’s the benefits for the new people. What is the “Club of the 250” about instead of just do a minimum of a 100LP.? We goanna push to 250 LP. So that’s mean I goanna get 5 people on that protein and what happen when you start losing weight. Weman… we start talking and people start noticing. So it just pushing it a little harder and I’m goanna explain it after, why it’s for you. The benefits is for you.

The 4th step is to learn how to build the network. That’s why we coming as a team and we teach you, we work together as a team to build this chain of distribution.

The benefits of “Club 250”

~ Rapid Reward, 25% of all the volume after 100LP and 25% of the first order of the new enrollee.

~ Power Pool, get paid 1% – 3% of all worldwide LPs.

~ The new person that reach 250LP every month, goes in to a RAFFLE. It’s not just one raffle, it’s a few Raffles. It’s not just 1 winner, it’s about 10 people in each raffle. The 1st raffle a $100, the 2nd is $250, the 3rd one is $500 and the other raffle is a $1,000. So, you have enough opportunity to get in this raffle EVERY SINGLE MONTH.! As long as you maintain 250LP.

~ Every quarter of the month, if you did such a good job you will move up to a Bigger Raffle which is a $1,000 or $5,000. It’s not just 1 person but we choose about 10 people on each raffle.

Every Month Is A Chance To Win A Raffle..!!

Let me show you “The Money”..


Watch this video.


How do you get the KNOWLEDGE to develop your network.?

As I do, I get all the information from the Internet. You can search at U-Tube where you can find a lot of 4Life™ Business Presentation. You can also make it off-line when you have enough knowledge about the system and the products. As a team, I am very pleasant to help you build your network online and I will teach you of how to build a simple Website and off course it’s a free training if you SIGN-UP with me.

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